Val Fagre

Val has over thirty-five years experience managing teams to deliver large and complex projects. Twenty years as Development Director or Project Manager for teams delivering complex strategic and logistical programs for major manufacturing and processing facilities, infrastructure development, ports and aviation facilities, mixed-use projects, community developments and city building programs.

Experience includes strategic business planning, project strategies, program and project financing, procurement and logistics programs, manufacturing and processing facility development and improvement, public-private partnerships, government projects, city planning and infrastructure development, airports and ports development, Olympic facilities and events management, mixed-use residential and retail complex development, high-rise residential and office developments.


Gonzalo Frazao Vaz

Gonçalo has thirty years experience with international trading operations, acquisitions, contracts, procurement, marketing, and delivery of commercial projects including real estate and commodities trading. Mr. Frazao Vaz has structured and completed projects deliveries spanning the globe with businesses in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Fields of experience include commercial operations structure, contract negotiations, contracts structure, legal services, commercial banking, real estate, oil trading transactions, sugar trading transactions, and commercial shipping and logistics.